Audio Uploader

Use the uploader below to send your files for mastering. If you have any questions before uploading, please call us at (770) 813-0826 or email us at

Before You Upload:

  • Bounce your mixes as either Wave (.wav) or AIFF (.aif or.aiff) stereo interleaved.
  • Properly label your files (instead of “Track 1”, “Track 2″….)
  • Avoid sending us the following formats: .mp3, .wma, .m4a, or .m4p (AAC)
  • If you’re mastering multiple versions of your song(s) (e.g. Radio Versions, Instrumentals, etc.), remember to upload those as well. We’ll want to master them at the same time as the main (or album) version.
  • Make sure your mixes aren’t too loud! We prefer at least 3db of headroom if possible.
  • Send us music references! If you want your masters to sound like a particular artist or song, let us know in the Message field below. You can just tell us the song and artist, and we’ll look it up on iTunes or YouTube.
  • As for bit depth and sample rate, send us files at whatever bit depth and sample rate you recorded at – in Pro Tools you can find out this information by going to Setup > Session. Typically, sessions are recorded at 44.1 or 48 khz and 24-bit. Note that bouncing or converting your files to higher bit depth and sample rate does not change quality, it just makes your files larger!

If your mixes are too loud:

  • Remove any limiter or compressor plugins on your master channel
  • Reduce the overall volume of your mix by turning down the master fader or individual tracks
  • Make sure your master channel is not clipping. If there are red lights on your master fader, you need to turn it down.

Start Uploading!

Enter the artist name and your phone number in the optional message field. If you want us to reference songs by another artist, please list the artist/track names as well.

  • If your files are already on Dropbox, you can simply share your folder with us.

Call or text us at (770) 813-0826 or email us directly at if you have questions.